Step 4 : Clean up each sheet of records using an archival brush. Use bone folders to smooth the record%u2019s sheet surface. Tear surfaces to be repaired using archival Repairing Tape


  1. The files to be cleaned should be cleaned in the "CLEANING AREA"
  2. It is recommended to clean the file by brushing the file form above to bottom or from bottom to above. Do not clean the file by brushing it to the SIDE to prevent the dust to move into the other files.
  3. Use the bone folder to straighten / flatten the folded surface. Be careful when flattening the folded surface to prevent the file being damaged especially the old files that are easily torn.
  4. Every torn surface should be repaired using Repairing tape
  5. If the surface of the paper has holes, make sure both top and bottom surfaces of the paper to be repaired in order to prevent it attached with other paper