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Question: Information about e-commerce under Sarawak Digital Economy 2018 - 2022?

Answer: e-commerce under Sarawak Digital Economy 2018 - 2022


To increase sales and revenue from export of Sarawak products globally
To improve the marketing of local products via e-commerce strategies and platform

Strategic Actions

Action 22: Improve the Sarawak e-commerce and services ecosystem
Action 23: Increase awareness of Sarawak products and services through digital platforms
Action 24: Increase e-commerce adoption
Action 25: Create a FinTech platform that provides technological and business tools to secure a competitive advantage in current and future markets

Current & Planned Initiatives

Action 22
Establish rural eCommerce Centre
Appointment of SarawakPay eWallet agents in rural areas
Action 23
Increase awareness on eCommerce to the general public

Contact Person

Hazwan Bin Razak, Steward Ak Sayong, Mastura Binti Najami, Tarmit Kaur A/P Mewa Singh, Shia Yang, John Wong, Tan Chee Kang, Carolineson Ak Nosin

(Source: Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) website, 21 Oct 2018)

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