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Question: Addressing the corona virus outbreak: will a novel filtered eye mask help?

Answer: Highlights •The CDC recommends not touching your eyes to prevent 2019-nCoV•Non-hermetically sealed eye protection does not protect the eyes against airborne particulates.•Hermetically sealed goggles protect the eyes, but tend to fog up, which is a barrier to use.•A filtered eye mask (FEM) is a design to both protect the eyes from particulates and prevent fog.•A FEM may help mitigating the spread of 2019-nCoV and should be researched further. Methods The steps performed to build the FEM were described. A hermetically-sealed standard eye mask (SEM) and a FEM were examined at 1minute, 5minutes and 60minute period for performance metrics relating to fog.
Results The SEM showed minimal fog at 1-minute, very foggy at 5-minutes and dripping with condensation at 60minutes. The FEM was clear at 1-minute, 5-minutes and showed minimal fog at 60minutes. Conclusion The FEM may play an important role in preventing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure by protecting the eyes from airborne particles and preventing fog, rendering it usable. Further research is strongly recommended.

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(Source: In International Journal of Infectious Diseases January 2020, 05 May 2020)

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