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Question: How to defining the physical activity levels:

Answer: Physical activity can be divided into 3 levels: light, moderate, and vigorous.

Light activity. During light activity, you are not sitting, lying down, or standing still. You may not exert yourself, but you are not inactive. Examples include washing dishes, walking slowly, preparing food, and making the bed.

Moderate activity. During moderate activity, your breath rate increases. But you can still talk without feeling out of breath. Walking is a great moderate activity. Other examples include ballroom dancing, canoeing, and gardening.

Vigorous activity. During vigorous activity, your heart beats faster and you breathe heavily and sweat. Often, you are not able to talk much. Vigorous activities include jogging, jumping rope, and swimming.

You can do these activities in various locations:

At home

Outside, such as in a park

In a gym

(Source: Cancer.Net, 16 Mar 2021)

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