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Question: A good exercise program will help to reduce the side effects of surgery and treatments.

Answer: These side effects can include fatigue, neuropathy, decreased range of motion, weakness, lymphedema, balance issues, and a significant emotional toll. In this article, I will discuss the importance of adding balance exercises to your exercise plan.

Balance exercises will help you regain function and mobility for activities of daily living. Your balance can suffer after surgical procedures , especially with the TRAM flap procedure. A TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous) flap consists of skin, fat, rectus muscle, and blood vessels taken from the abdominal wall and transferred to the chest to reconstruct the breast. Because these muscles help with strength, posture, balance, and flexibility, TRAM flap surgery can weaken your body’s core. After a TRAM flap operation, you will need to learn how to compensate for this change of muscle placement through a series of exercises designed to strengthen the remaining muscles.

Balance exercises can counter some of the effects of muscle imbalances and body asymmetry after surgery. Some chemotherapy treatments can affect your balance and cause neuropathy. Neuropathy, which can make your feet numb, is a common side effect of chemotherapy. If you cannot feel your feet, it becomes difficult to maintain good balance. You should incorporate balance exercises as a regular part of your fitness routine to learn how to compensate.

Balance exercises can help prevent future injuries, such as falls. Balance training will help decrease the likeliness of falling. If you fall, it could limit your activities or make it difficult to live independently. Balance and strength exercises can help prevent falls by improving your ability to control and maintain your body's position whether you are in motion or stationary. share on twitter Cancer survivors are sometimes at higher risk for osteoporosis due to cancer medications. If you are nervous about falling, you might withdraw from your daily activities and have a lower quality of life.

(Source: Cancer.Net, 16 Mar 2021)

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