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Question: What is Biointensive Farming?

Answer: Biointensive farming is an organic system of agriculture, where farmers focus on achieving the maximum yields, from the existing limited pieces of land, while at the same time, increasing biodiversity as well as maintaining sustainability and fertility of the soil. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, for instance, estimates that only 11% (1.4 billion hectares) of the world’s land surface is used for crop production.

It is also speculated that there is no more, or at least very little land to bring under cultivation. Therefore, this means the world population has to use the little available land to produce more, leading to biointensive farming. The farming methods objective is sustainability on a closed system basis.

It works with the basic elements needed for healthy crops and growth, which is the sun, soil, air and water, to achieve maximum yields, while at the same time increasing biodiversity and the fertility of the soil.

(Source: Conserve Energy Future, 26 Mar 2021)

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