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Question: Evaluation Indicators for Green Libraries and Library Eco-friendliness

Answer: This study aimed to determine eco-friendly factors on the aspects of library service, materials provided or handled by the library, and programs including educational programs. Furthermore, it was setup to perform a trial evaluation for the eco-friendliness of the library based on the determined evaluation standards by this study. Results are as follows; First, regarding the question of 'Do employees of the library think that establishment of green libraries is necessary?', the employees of the libraries responded yes by 65.52%, but only 4.6% responded that it would not be necessary. Second, in analyzing the most important evaluation areas of green libraries according to the opinions of the libraries' employees, they were ranked in order: the indoor environment, energy and prevention of environmental pollution, and material and resource areas. Third, 11 areas were determined to evaluate the level of greening in the libraries; the highest averages were scored 510 for the area of energy and prevention of environmental pollution, 415 for the area of library resource, and 320 for the area of indoor environment. Last, the libraries were graded based on actual data according to the results to measure the level of greening, two libraries were graded as Diamond, the highest grade, accounting for 15.39% of all libraries; Gold and Silver grades accounted for another 15.39%, together five Certified graded libraries accounted for 38.46%, which was the highest rate among the libraries. Any library scoring less than 20% when compared to the full score was graded as Non-certified, and one library, which scored 15.06% fell into this category. The results of this study set up to serve as basic data for the direction of development for green libraries in our country, as well as reference for the employees of libraries in constructing or remodeling library buildings, establishing service infrastructure, providing information service, and planning library duties in an eco-friendly way.

(Source: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, 26 Jul 2021)

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