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Question: Green Libraries in India: An Overview

Answer: Green design is an emerging trend, defining the library of the 21st century. Green Library Movement which comprised of librarians,libraries, cities, towns, college and university campuses is committed to greening libraries and reducing eco-degradation. The paper highlights the conditions of green library, role of a librarian, features of green library,Initiatives in India. It is also give an overview of green library and role of modern librarian to make green library. Environmental challenges like energy depletion and climate change will influence the type of information resources and programs libraries will provide to their communities. The trend in India is not only growing in numbers but also extends across the country. The paper concludes that librarians have to be keen on updating themselves on sustainability trends in the field of librarianship and should provide awareness and create the space in the libraries to exemplify the Green practices.

(Source: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, 26 Jul 2021)

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