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Question: Current Status of Green Library Concept in Public Libraries of Central Province in Sri Lanka

Answer: Green Library concept minimizes the negative effect on the natural environment and improves the quality of the library services by effective and sustainable use of resources. Concept of green library movement among the Sri Lankan library field is still at the grassroots level, whereas in the international scenario, it has already gained popularity. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to identify the current situation of green library initiatives in public libraries in Central province and to find out the level of awareness on green library concept among the library professionals. Survey research design was applied by using questionnaires. There are 193 public libraries in Central province but only 83 libraries are functioning with the Librarians Grade I, II or III. Other libraries are functioning as a reading room or branch libraries without a librarian. Total of 83 public libraries were selected purposively where there are authorized persons to manage them. The Response rate was 83%. Other than that, library visits and observations are also used for the analysis. Selected public libraries are governed by the provincial local government authorities and there were different grades of librarians in each library. There are 62% adults and 38% of children are the registered user community. It was investigated that the selected libraries are fairly applying the green library concept in their libraries without knowing the green concept. They have applied this concept in the areas of waste disposal, cleaning, energy savings, gardening, natural ventilation methods and lightings in an environmental friendly way. The study found that the availability of limited land area, limited fund allocations, limited staff, administrative issues and limited resources are the barriers to create an environmental friendly library. Results concluded that the green library initiatives in public libraries of the central province are still not at in a satisfactory level. Therefore, well - planned policy is required to implement this timely important concept to Sri Lankan public libraries.

(Source: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, 26 Jul 2021)

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