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Question: The limitations and opportunities to use lean based continuous process management techniques in Nigerian manufacturing industries – a review

Answer: The philosophy governing mass production is still a dominant philosophy in industries situated in Nigeria. But, lean concept has long succeeded mass production in most developed economies.This review exposes the constraints and potential benefits of using lean techniques in the transformation of industries in Nigeria based on field experiences elsewhere, where those techniques were used.
The review uses method of searching questions or keywords for gathering useful information on the subject at hand from different
journals, conferences papers, professional, articles, and student thesis, spanning over the period of 1988-2018. However, in evaluating the
prospects of implementing lean concepts, the review identified a number of tested lean techniques for possible application in the process and non-process industries. There is suggestive evidence from the article review that no Nigerian small or even large-scale business enterprise is practicing lean. It is expected that transition from the traditional method of manufacturing to lean, if implemented with enabling techniques, will engender sustainable manufacturing and higher productivity for industries in Nigeria.

(Source: , 25 Aug 2021)

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