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Question: Lean Production Weaknesses in Manufacturing Industry: A Review

Answer: This is a review paper written to discuss the lean manufacturing and the lean weaknesses in manufacturing industry. Lean production or also known as lean manufacturing has been widely practiced as a production improvement tool in manufacturing sectors. Lean manufacturing originated from Japanese automotive manufacturing sectors for about five decades. Over the decades, lean production system have evolved from shop floor improvement tool to a philosophy. The problem statement in this research was to review the weaknesses of lean production system. The purpose of this review paper is to discuss the weaknesses of the lean production system and overview the available methods to address the weaknesses. Limitation and scope of this paper were within manufacturing industry and period of literature reviews. The methodology applied was review literature from the lean manufacturing related journals dated from year 2000 to 2014. Then by consolidating the lean production weaknesses data in to categories of people, material, equipment, know-how, business and planning or scheduling. The authors discussed to elaborate further on the lean weaknesses and methods of addressing it. Therefore, understanding the weaknesses will allow the academic and industry to co-create new solution methods for an effective lean production system. In conclusion, the authors view the weaknesses as an opportunity to integrate with other theories such as agile manufacturing, sustainable development, human factor, safety management and cleaner production in the future.

(Source: , 25 Aug 2021)

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