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Question: An Exploratory Study on Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Practices (With Special Reference to Automobile Sector Industry)

Answer: At present scenario, Lean Manufacturing has become a world wide phenomenon. It is
quite successful in drawing the attention of companies of all sizes. A large number of organizations
are following Lean technologies and experiencing vast improvements in quality, production,
customer service, and profitability. Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and
eliminating waste through continuous improvement. The manufacturing industry in India must also
look to leverage its advantages, its large domestic market, good conditions in terms of raw
materials and skilled labour, and the quality focus. In India at the state level, there are few
companies that are implementing Lean manufacturing techniques. In Dewas city, the industrial
town of Madhya Pradesh, some of the automobile companies are vigorously following the Lean
manufacturing techniques to eliminate waste and downsize the cost. Hence, all these factors
prompted the researchers to analyze and study the implication of Lean Manufacturing Practices in
Automobile Industries.

(Source: , 25 Aug 2021)

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