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Question: Green Library Initiatives in India: Reshaping the Future

Answer: Around the world Green library practices are witnessed and impressed for improved library services. The “greening” initiatives of India’s building construction industry received heighten and ranked at 3rd among the top 10 counties in the world outside USA. While the emerging concept of green library or sustainable library in India has to travel long road to reshape the library buildings to meet out the next generation user’s behavior and expectations. A library has to plan and built with ecological aspects of any new/renovation of buildings of libraries to prevent the negative environmental impacts of carbon footprint and to ensure the improved future library services at the maximum of available resources efficiently, effectively with user friendly within the building. The paper mainly focuses on few green library initiatives in India under the green library movement and highlighted the main parameters which involved for location selection, water and energy conservation, building materials and indoor and outdoor air quality etc, under Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.

(Source: , 02 Sep 2021)

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