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Question: The Green Library: An Initiative to Sustainable Library

Answer: Libraries have adopted advanced technology to cater to enthusiastic information users. Hence, a new revolution in the form of green libraries is emerging that is not only thought provoking but also needs to follow for long time sustainability in the library world. The need for green technology services to the users are also growing and becoming very essential day by day. Libraries are in good position in promoting environmental awareness. Libraries can lead to develop ecological sustainability practice, reusing of materials, reducing waste and toxic products and developing alternative technologies. Green technology focuses on natural environment in rapidly growing world population. This technology paid great attention in organisations and libraries are also not exception from it. Library architecture must also go in par with the concept of green building, which has no adverse effect on its natural surroundings. Libraries are in excellent position to be both an ecological operator and promoter of environmental awareness. It is an attempt to discuss this new emerging thought along with the librarians’ role in making the libraries more greener for good and healthy environment. This article focuses on the concept of green library and features of it. This article explains issues and challenges of green library. This article demonstrates the various sustainable strategies for the libraries and highlights the strategies for overcoming the impact of paper use, ink use and electricity. It also provides different approach for the librarians to achieve green practices/services.

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