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Question: The modelling of the pot:

Answer: 1. The clay is modelled into the shape of a cylinder. The size of this depends on the volume the pot is going to contain.

2. The top of this cylinder is then beaten flat with the smooth side of the beater until it is almost twice as wide as the bottom. A moist rotan ring about ½” smaller in diameter than part will be the top or neck of the pot. The ring determines the size of the neck and will prevent it from tearing open during the beating and act as a guide to achieve a perfect round shape.

3. The pot is then given a rough shape by gently pressing the clay outwards from the middle and by plunging one of the smooth round stones into the centre until the hole is big enough to hold a stone inside comfortably.

(Source: Iban Pottery: Sarawak Museum Occasional Paper No.5 , 06 Sep 2021)

Source Link: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Book Collection