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Question: Enhancing personal and social development through centre-based sport in the context of rural poverty

Answer: Conlusion:
This study was firstly aimed to report on the potential and self-reported benefits ofa local SID programme packaged within the PE curriculum, after school centre- based delivery and sport events for cumulative programme effects. Secondly, the research identified key issues with the potential role of sport as unifying factor within the school and community. The values and skills obtained from sport particiapton have meaningful impact within the South African context of rural poverty. Local SID programmes benefit the individual, the community as a whole, as well as NGOs providing SID. Sport for development programmes facilitate and stimulate holistic education and development of children as well as provide opportunities to develop social skills and networks. The emotional development which was reported and linked to the local programmes could be seen as one the main strengths, whereas participation provides opportunities. At institutional level for NGOs, SID programmes are a branding opportunity, becoming relevant as facilitator of socialisation and education.

(Source: Gale Academic Onefile, 16 Jan 2022)