Sarawak State Library



Posted on 28 July 2022

The enhancement of the existing Sarawakiana Art Collection Online into a one-stop Sarawakiana Portal with all the services related to Sarawak’s rich information on history, cultural and literary heritage will include 1Village 1Story System.

Digital heritage and resources available in Sarawakiana Portal are the State heritage and assets that need to be preserved. It opens new pathways for scholars, members of the community, and the younger generation, in particular, to represent, store, refine, maintain, share and continue contributing to further development and creation of new knowledge.

The system is designed to maintain and preserve information and historical events related to villages in the state of Sarawak and focuses on events that took place from the 1940s to 1970s.

Therefore, once the system is ready to go live, it will enrich the local content on the history related to the villages in Sarawak.

The public is encouraged to contribute their photographs collection or old documents for this project. Therefore, this platform will preserve the memories, maintain, conserve all the information, and the system serves as a one-stop centre for the researchers/users to access the information.