Sarawak State Library


Information Literacy Skills Programme

“Information literate individual as people trained in the application of information resources to their work, who have learned techniques and skills for utilizing the wide ranges of information tools as well as primary sources in molding information solutions to their problems”

Paul Zurnonski (1970) National Commission of Libraries and information Sciences

  • Information literacy is much broader than computer literacy. It involves the ability to use modern technology and traditional tools to find and use information effectively. It empowers people to benefit fully from the information age and prepares them for lifelong learning.
  • This services are eligible to all:
    • Registered membership
    • Non registered members
  • Pustaka offers these services to:
    • Primary students
    • Secondary students
    • Tertiary students
    • Adult
  • Courses that we offer:
    • Information Literacy – Foundation module
    • Information Literacy – Intermediate module
    • Information Literacy – Advanced module
  • Topics covered:
    • Printed materials
    • Non printed materials
  • Registration is open to all and its FREE. The classes will be held upon user request.

For further information, kindly contact us at librarian@sarawak.gov.my