Sarawak State Library


The Role & Quality Principles

The Role

  • To provide timely, accurate, relevant and accessible information in different formats - the essential ingredients for the healthy economic and social development of a State and its citizens.
  • To develop and contribute to relevant bibliographic databases, with particular reference to materials published within Sarawak.
  • To develop itself as the hub of information services within Sarawak.
  • To participate in National and International networks of libraries and information services.
  • To provide an educational environment through programmes and exhibitions organized
  • To increase awareness of the importance and potential of information services
  • To teach information and research skills.

What the Ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Chief Minister of Sarawak have to say about the importance of information:

"In the information age that we are living in, the Malaysian society must be information rich. It can be no accident that there is today no wealthy, developed country that is information-poor and no information-rich country that is poor and undeveloped."

- YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad

"The success of Vision 2020 lies with an educated people who will contribute towards the creation of an informed and knowledgeable society."

- YAB Pehin Sri Hj. Abdul Taib Mahmud

Quality Principles

To develop information resources based on the Collection Development Policy and Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999 requirements.

  • A repository of vast reserves of materials
  • A gateway to knowledge and information of the world
  • Streamlined and automated services within the library
  • Borderless
  • Time insensitive

Treads the Glass Staircase The Rainforest, the home of Sarawak. As one of the greatest terrestrial source of the air we breathe, she also regulates rainfall on a global level, which in turn affects global climate. She is inhabiting more than 8000 species of flora and 20000 fauna. Her ability to support life is integral to a healthy planet. The rivers of Sarawak play an important role in Sarawakian´ everyday lives. River are just like the blood vessel of Sarawak. The rich flora and fauna and 26 major ethnic groups have been depending on the rivers for water supply, food and transportation, for all their life.

As a national symbol of Sarawak, the majestic bird - Hornbills, rules the pavilion of Sarawak´s rainforest. Among the natives in Sarawak, the hornbill is a symbol of purity.

All these fascinating landmarks and unique national symbols has shown that Sarawak is a dynamic, energetic, and innovative place to be discovered. This piece of precious land is just like the power of knowledge and information. No one can live without knowledge. It makes our days more colourful, it enriches our life, it fertilizes our cultures, and it bridge up our relationships.

Sarawak State Library, a gateway to knowledge and information to the world.