Sarawak State Library


Sarawak State Library, Miri

The Concept

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Miri is the northern node for Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, catering for information and research needs of Miri’s population, as well as neighboring towns and districts around Sarawak’s northern region. It is an IT library and is linked to Pustaka Negeri using ICT infrastructure and have the concept of a hybrid library, a combination of print as well as electronic and digital information resources. It is a centre that will serve as a community centre of knowledge and cultural enlightenment, with vast store of information, in the form of both printed and electronic media, but also gather for educational and cultural exchanges, programmes and participate in many other regularly conducted activities.

The Environment

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Miri is a two-storey building earmarked as one of the anchor nodes for the Miri City Fan. This horse-shoe shaped two storey sandstone building with light green curtain walling is designed as a tranquil oasis acting as the symbolic apex of information technology in the civic heart of Miri Resort City.
The library is surrounded by 5 main gardens called Garden of Vision, Islamic Garden, Chinese Garden, Formal Garden and Botanical Garden. These gardens are close to each other and the scenery that it creates through the different types of plants planted in each garden contributes to the astonishing beauty of the library. There are food and souvenir kiosks available in the library premise. The Foyer Entrance is the main entrance to the library and from the foyer, visitors can access the lobby, which leads to a Security Counter, Multimedia GaleriTM and the `Fragrance Garden`.
The building is installed with sophisticated audio visual projection system with wireless control lighting, stage curtain and projection from multiple sources such as PC, VCD, DVD, CD player, cassette player and VCR player. The auditorium is ideal for lectures, talks, video screening and for musical and drama performances.