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Corporate Management Sector

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Corporate Management Sector

Name Designation Phone no. E-mail
Laurena Anak AlohAdministrative Officer Grade N48/Head of Corporate Management Sector082- 442000 ext. 102laurenaa@sarawak.gov.my

Finance Division

Norafiqah Nabilah bt JulaihiAccountant Grade W41/ Head of Finance Division082-442000 ext.274 nnabilah@sarawak.gov.my
Ammie Syarina Bt. Mohd JelaniAssistant Accountant Grade W36082-442000 ext.276 ammies@sarawak.gov.my
Haspidawati Bt. BujangAssistant Accountant Grade W32082-442000 ext.273 haspidab@sarawak.gov.my
Zaidi Mohd NorAssistant Accountant Grade W32082-442000 ext.275 zaidimn@sarawak.gov.my
Syahirunnisaa Aminah Ruzainah binti Mat SamoinAssistant Accountant Grade W29082-442000ruzainah@sarawak.gov.my
Asriful Ashraff bin ArisaAssistant Accountant Grade W29082-442000asriful@sarawak.gov.my
Flin Lovina HusseinAccount Assistant Grade W19082-442000 ext.271 flin@sarawak.gov.my
Sharon Lee Siao YinAccount Assistant Grade W19082-442000sharonlee@sarawak.gov.my
Facility and Building Management Division
Nurdiyana Binti RamleeEngineer Grade J41/ Head of Facility Management Division082-442000 ext.263diyanar@sarawak.gov.my
Arman Bin CheeAssistant Engineer Grade JA29082-442000 ext.269armanc@sarawak.gov.my
Idris B. MorniAssistant Engineer Grade JA29082-442000 ext. 264idrism@sarawak.gov.my
Mohamed Ismauli B.Abdul WahabAssistant Engineer Grade JA29082-442000 ext.267mohamiw2@sarawak.gov.my
Mohammad Abdullah HamdanAssistant Engineer Grade JA29082-442000 ext.265mohamah7@sarawak.gov.my
Alya Afika Bt. PairiAssistant Engineer Grade JA29082-442000 ext.256alya@sarawak.gov.my
Asset Management Unit
Siti Khairunnisa Bt. Rosli Assistant Administration Officer Grade N32 / Head of Asset Management Unit082-442000 ext.232sitikr@sarawak.gov.my
Mohammad Aidiq Bin AidiAssistant Account Grade 29082-442000 ext.212maidiq@sarawak.gov.my

Human Resource Management Division

Suria Sonia Ahip AbdullahAdministrative Officer, N44 / Head of Human Resources Division082-442000soniasa@sarawak.gov.my
Alya Faeeqah HamaliAssistant Administrative Officer Grade N32082-442000 ext.282 alyafh@sarawak.gov.my
Masni Bt. MorshidiAdministrative Assistant N22082-442000 ext.281 masm@sarawak.gov.my
Human Resource Development Unit
Siti Munirah Bt. IdrisAssistant Office Secretary / Office Secretary Grade N32 / Head of Unit / (Training Officer)082-442000 ext.284 sitimi1@sarawak.gov.my
Aida Lailani Binti YahyaAssistant Administrative Officer Grade N29 (Services)082-442000 ext.283aidalai@sarawak.gov.my

Corporate Communication Division

Dayangku Hadzimah Binti Awangku Ahmad Librarian Grade S44 / Head of Corporate Communication Division082-442000 ext.231 dayanhaa@sarawak.gov.my
Quality Unit
Anita Binti HamdanAssistant Administration Officer Grade N32 / Head of Quality Unit 082-442000 ext.221anitah@sarawak.gov.my
Communication Unit
Nur Ashikin Bt. AhmadAssistant Office Secretary / Office Secretary Grade N29 / Head of Communication Unit 082-442000 ext.228 nuraa2@sarawak.gov.my
Joponimilina Anak LisenAssistant Administration Officer Grade N29082-442000 ext. 208joponi@sarawak.gov.my
Cyprian Eldred RossemAdministrative Assistant Grade N22082-442000 ext.226cypriaer@sarawak.gov.my
Registry Unit
Nor Diana Binti NawawiLibrarian Grade S41 / Head of Registry Unit082-442000 ext. 279nordn@sarawak.gov.my
Mohd Lokman Hamzah Administrative Assistant Grade N22 082-442000 ext. 279 mohamalh@sarawak.gov.my