Sarawak State Library


Depository Services


Depository Services Sector is supported by three (3) main Divisions; Archives Management Division (AMD), Records Management Division (RMD) and Sarawakiana Division (SD). The overall objectives of the sector are as below:

  • To provide for the preservation and use of library resources or materials published in Sarawak
  • To create standard bibliographic records of library resources or materials published in Sarawak
  • To maintain statistical records of library resources or materials published in Sarawak
  • To maintain, preserve and keep public records which are more than twenty-five years old, and other documents, papers, instruments, and statutes, statutory order, regulations or decrees, directed by State Secretary to be maintained, preserved and kept in the State Depository on account of their historical value or public importance


Records Management Division

  1. To ensure that departments and agencies of Sarawak State government manage public records well before reaching the age of 25 years under section 14(1)(d) of Sarawak State Library Ordinance,1999.
  2. Monitor the process of disposal of public records.
  3. Provide advisory services and guidelines on records management.
  4. Conduct advisory visits and inspections to the registry and records centre of departments or agencies of the Sarawak State government.
  5. Conduct records management training programmes.

Guidelines on Records and Archives Management for Sarawak Civil Service

Archives Management Division

  1. To maintain, preserve and keep non-active public records which are more than 25 years old at the State Records Repository as stated in Sarawak State Library Ordinance 1999, Part IV, Section 14 (1)(d).
  2. To advice and guide government agencies in records transfer to State Records Repository through conducting awareness programs on the importance of archives.
  3. To obtain records and archives of Sarawak that created on or before 1963 as well as those outside of Sarawak or Malaysia in either original or copied form.
  4. To perform digitization and microfilm on selective records and archives material that has archival or historical value for the State.