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  1. Agriculture Department

    Date Range : 1957/12/10 to 1983/3/23
    Contains Monthly development schemes progress reports, command papers, minutes/correspondence and files regarding agriculture based on certain particular divisions in Sarawak.

  2. Australian War Memorial

    Date Range : 1940 to 1963
    Records from the Australian War Memorial, which includes records on the Japanese surrender in Borneo, Military Administration British Borneo, War on West Borneo and other records related to the war in Borneo.

  3. British Red and Society, Sarawak Branch

    Date Range : 1951 to 1964/10/2
    Consists files concern to minutes of meetings of executive committees, annual general meeting etc.

  4. Chief Minister`s Office

    Date Range : 1961/1/30 to 1982/11/3
    Covers files which include the tour of His Excellency The Governor, movement of ministers, annual report for Labour Department, official visit reports, surveys etc.

  5. District Office, Bau

    Date Range : 1950 to 82/9/16
    Consists of affidavits, state general elections, minutes of meetings, files to do with registration and application, files regarding important events or celebrations within Bau etc.

  6. District Office, Betong

    Date Range : 1933/11/20 to 1966/9/7
    Files on monthly and quarterly reports, files on murder cases, reports on schools and files regarding legal issues within Betong.

  7. District Office, Debak

    Date Range : 1946/1 to 1954/12/18
    Comprises of files on districts monthly report and it Malay school.

  8. District Office, Kabong

    Date Range : 1893 to 1985/10/24
    Includes probate matters, minutes of meeting, correspondence, files regarding lands and other files about the district office itself.

  9. District Office, Kuching

    Date Range : 1932 to 1960/1/18
    A group of files which contain affidavit, application for licences, treasury agenda and files concerning several districts

  10. District Office, Lundu

    Date Range : 1952/1/18 to 1978/9/22
    Files related to native affairs, divisional development executive committee meeting, departmental warrants etc.

  11. District Office, Matu

    Date Range : 1947 to 1949
    Consists of court cases files.

  12. District Office, Mukah

    Date Range : 1924/12/19 to 1955/12/28
    A range of files with the contents pertaining to penghulu, native affairs, circulars & orders etc.

  13. District Office, Oya

    Date Range : 1926/10/1 to 1955/8/30
    Files pertaining trade & customs, Chinese affairs, telephone & telegraph affairs etc.

  14. District Office, Pusa

    Date Range : 1929/9/3 to 1956/7/16
    Comprises of files regarding custom, deed & agreement, bazaar assessment & licences and reports.

  15. District Office, Saratok

    Date Range : 1952/2/5 to 1979/10/30
    Contains files such as Kampong Sungei Kasai Co-Operative Savings and Loan Society Limited, Sungei Engkilili Co-Operative Store Society, constabulary, development, etc.

  16. District Office, Sematan

    Date Range : 1959/5/14 to 1982/5/15
    Includes files such as annual report, native affairs, district action committee, etc.

  17. Malaysian Red and Society, Sarawak Branch

    Date Range : 1966/12/16 to 1974/5/5
    Includes files such as membership forms files, the society food and fun fair files, minutes of meetings etc.

  18. Ministry of Communication and Works

    Date Range : 1957/8/26 to 1982/11/30
    Contains files concerning Kuching Port Development, Monthly Progress Report Chart, State Industrial Development Committee etc.

  19. Ministry of Local Government

    Date Range : 1946/7/2 to 1980/12
    Covering files such as Kuching Rural District Council, Local Authorities, Rent Control Ordinance, Divisional Development Committee, etc.

  20. Museum Department

    Date Range : 1962/1/9 to 1982/12/31
    Includes files such as State Secretary`s Circulars Memorandum, Treasury Circulars, Antiquities Ordinance, Cabinet Report, etc

  21. National Archives of Australia

    Date Range : 1922 to 1987
    A list of archival materials available at the National Archives of Australia, regarding the Japanese occupation as well as the British regime in Sarawak.

  22. Red Cross Society, Sarawak Branch

    Date Range : 1861/12/29 to 73/12/18
    Contains annual reports, files on blood donation, minutes of meeting of the society both headquarters and branches etc

  23. Resident and District Office, Kuching

    Date Range : 1884/10/29 to 1982/7/2
    Consists of files namely Jubilee Recreation Ground, Service Quarters Sites, Policy and General, Probate Matters, etc.

  24. Resident and District Office, Sibu

    Date Range : 1942/2/4 to 1982/9/23
    Consists of files on Central Transport Authority Minutes Of Meeting, Treasury Circulars, Departmental Warrant, minutes of meetings, Application For Land, etc.

  25. Resident and District Office, Sri Aman

    Date Range : 1933/10/2 to 1989/8/28
    Covers a range of files on visits of State Minister and Assistant Minister, District Action Committee, Divisional Tenders Board, Contract Agreement and others that are relevant to Sri Aman.

  26. Resident Office, Kuching

    Date Range : 1933/9/14 to 1978/8/29
    Files with regards to teachers at several district councils, minutes of meetings for Divisional Development Committee, application for registration as Malaysian citizen, district election etc.

  27. Resident Office, Sibu

    Date Range : 1949 to 1980/3/4
    Files concerning Dayak Trackers, divisional council meeting, minutes of meeting for Sibu Rural District Council and others.

  28. Rhodes House, Oxford

    Date Range : 1899 to 1964
    A list of archival materials retrieved from Rhodes House, London. Comprise of documents on administration matters in Sarawak and North Borneo during Brooke's reign, Japanese Occupation, and Communist insurgency. Consist of letters, reports, illustrations, diaries and photos.

  29. Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC)

    Date Range : 1967/2 to 1982/12
    Consists of files concerning Annual Report Of The Malaysian Timber Industry Board, board meetings, Meeting Of The Standing Committee Of Officials, etc.

  30. Siburan Sub District

    Date Range : 1966/10/22 to 1978/5/2
    Covers files such as Tenants Registration Exercise, De-Registrations, Water Supply, etc.

  31. Sri Aman

    Date Range : 1933/10/6 to 1982/1/18
    Files pertaining annual report, appointment of officers, district councils, Local Government Elections Ordinance And Regulations and any files regarding the district itself.

  32. State Planning Unit (SPU)

    Date Range : 1970/2/5 to 1982/7/26
    A list of files regarding Tourism Master Plan, Third Malaysian Plan, Labour Department Monthly Report On Industrial Relations, Consultancy Services, etc.

  33. State Secretary Office

    Date Range : 1949/10/22 to 2007/12/30
    Contains files on district reports, complaints, villages throughout Sarawak, etc.

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