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  1. Agriculture

    Date Range : 1968 - 1975
    Contain records regarding agriculture from various department and agencies

  2. Bau District Administration

    Date Range : 1966 to 1986
    Contain list of file regarding Bau District administration.

  3. British Administration Era

    Date Range : 1927 to 1974
    Contain list of file regarding on the administration during British Era

  4. Brooke`s Adminstration Era

    Date Range : 1847 to 1946
    Comprises of files/records with regards to the financial situation in Sarawak during the British regime, Dayang Muda of Sarawak, Borneo Military Administration, Negotiations with the Rajah of Sarawak. It also consists of files/records on anything related to Brunei and Sarawak and its politics.

  5. Brunei and Sarawak Border Issue Records

    Date Range : 01/01/1847 to 31/12/1975
    Contains files regarding border issue of Limbang and Brunei Darussalam

  6. Dalat Historical Information

    Date Range : 1975 to 1978
    List of files and description regarding on the information for Dalat development and activities during year 1975 to 1978.

  7. Defence and Security

    Date Range : 1963 to 1972
    Records regarding defence and security in Sarawak

  8. Formation of Malaysia Records

    Date Range : 1962 to 1966
    A range of files pertaining Sarawak, Brunei, Limbang, Malaysia and other regional matters.

  9. Japanese Occupation

    Date Range : 11 December 1934 to 1945
    Contains files such as emergency planning schemes, future policy in Sarawak as well as other files regarding the Japanese occupation movement in Sarawak.

  10. Land and Migration Records

    Date Range : 5/2/1946 to 4/3/1980
    Covers a range of files with regards to immigration, Dayak moving, junior service

  11. Land Development

    Date Range : 1931 - 1981
    Contain files regarding land development in Sarawak

  12. Malaysia Records

    Date Range : 19/2/1962
    Consists of files regarding Malaysia as well as its celebration day and independence day.

  13. Oil and Gas Records

    Date Range : 1937 to 1941
    Contain files regarding oil and gas in Sarawak

  14. Religions Records

    Date Range : 1848 to 1883
    Typed transcripts of letters from Sarawak by Reverend Francis Thomas McDougall as Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak, 1849-1866 to other missionaries such as Revd. Ernest Hawkins, Revd. W.T. Bullock, Revd. T. F. Stooks and etc.; regarding the missionary works in Sarawak in 1848 until 1883.

  15. Transportation Records

    Date Range : 1952 - 1981
    Contains list of records regarding on transportation in Sarawak

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